Andi and Mari
"Bring Mai Flowers"

The concept:

I have created a simple plot and a story to go along with it. The simple plot involves four characters, Andi, Mari, Mai and S.T. Rocker (Small Town). The idea is to create a film about these four characters. So I wrote one version called "Bring Mai Flowers".

What I would like to do is create a film short of "Bring Mai Flowers". Then later a feature film 60 minutes long. And if all goes well I'd like to continue by licensing future films by other people using the "Andi and Mari" characters and simple plot. Each film would have its own specific story, told in its own way, filmed in its own style. Each film would be 60 minutes long and include the same four characters, starting them off with the same relationship as in the simple plot. From there the stories can be told in any way the writer wants.

Here are the links:

The Simple Plot
The Film
The Film Scenes

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